This 11-Year-Old Boy Saved Hundreds of People from Slavery

What do you do when someone withholds chili from you? Although you might get hangry, you probably won’t start a movement. But when Tyler Page of California was 9 years old, that’s exactly what he did. He was eating lunch in the school cafeteria and got a hankering for a second bowl of chili. His best friend wouldn’t give up his bowl of chili, so Tyler offered to buy it. A shrewd negotiator, his friend bargained him all the way up to $20. Just a short time later, Tyler was watching an episode of Opera where she said that Kenyan children can be sold into slavery in the fishing industry for $20. Tyler was crushed, he was ashamed, and he decided to do something about it. He has become a young crusader against slavery, raising tens of thousands of dollars in funds and working tirelessly to support efforts on the ground in Kenya to house and educate these impoverished children and keep them out of the slave trade. Tyler is a member of a group that is increasingly widespread: individuals who are letting their inner light shine. To read more about luxocracy, click here.



This week’s Autodidact’s Unite! will teach you the facts about the blight of modern-day slavery.

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