Facebook and Twitter Are Made Out of Kardashians and Jihad

Social media is making all of our lives simultaneously more meaningful and more empty. For every deep thought on our social network of choice, there’s an ad for that weird, unmentionable thing we searched for on Amazon as a *joke*. For every post from a dear friend we smile at, there’s a political rant. For every beautiful image of togetherness, there’s a gratuitous selfie from someone who needs a Photoshop class.

Nonetheless, social networking is highlighting our capacity for societal good as well as our ability to be totally superficial. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was an awesome example of massive fun for a good cause, a mini-movement that had genuine heart behind it. Things like Ice Bucket are big hints that individuals are letting their inner light shine. To read more about luxocracy, click here.

Do you think that social media has had a net negative or a net positive effect on society? Comment below.


This week’s Autodidacts Unite! comes courtesy of Udacity. It’s a college course in Social Network Analysis, an introductory algorithms class, that will teach you how to understand and solve all of the mathematical problems that make a social network happen.

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